Diamond Drilling Integral Services Core Recovery.


Our services include surface & underground diamond drilling with core recovery; service holes, construction and sale of drilling machines, rental of drilling measuring equipment, sale of parts for the drilling industry.

Our capacity to built our own equipment and spare parts allow us to minimize the impact of the costs of delays due to lost times to our clients, increasing the production and getting faster results that comes down to make faster decisions.

In “Tecmin Servicios” we have improved, simplified and standardized all our drills so that repairs take less resources allowing us to reduce inventory of spare parts and drive components critical to a minimum allowing us to maintain a complete inventory of available parts to repair as soon as possible any of our drills, meaning fewer delays for repairs and ongoing work for our clients which help us reduce our operational costs associated with project activities, optimizing the financial result to our clients.

We have experience in performing service holes as well as construction of piezometers and monitoring wells these allow us to fulfill with our clients' needs alternate associated with Our Services.

Surface: Our Surface Drilling Equipments could perform holes with negative angles from 45 to 90 degrees and have been modified on its mechanic and hydraulic systems giving as a result a better core recovery and allowing more depth capacity inside the hole.

All of our drilling machines have been manufactured or modified by ourselves, to be more "driller friendly" so we can guarantee the efficiency as well as productivity in any kind of ground, optimizing production as well as core recovery. Our drill rigs are all wheel mounted for ease of movement and less impact on the environment.

Underground: To fulfill our clients' needs, our underground drilling equipment is capable of drilling 360 degrees. We manufacture our hydraulic electric motor drilling machines with our own design of engineering allowing to get the best recovery possible in PQ, HQ, NQ & BQ.
We have several types of hole survey Equipments Multifunctional, easy to operate and highly accurate for our clients needs and for rental; to allow to get additional information of the hole. The REFLEX EZ-TRAC® only requires aluminum extension rods to be added to place the instrument away from magnetic interference caused by drilling equipment and it is ready to use. The user friendly EZ-COM II makes it easy to set up and execute the survey, with results automatically calculated and displayed on the handheld unit, eliminating the risk of human error.

Transfer vital downhole data quickly and efficiently

The in-built infrared communication link allows the REFLEX EZ-TRAC to transfer vital downhole data quickly and efficiently via a handheld computer to REFLEX HUB, allowing instant comprehensive analysis. The REFLEX EZ-SHOT® is a totally self contained, single shot instrument that is controlled via an integrated keypad with information on tool retrieval available immediately on the LCD display once the tool as been recovered.

Full perspective provided through information feedback

The seven parameters measured in one shot provide a full perspective on the borehole direction, temperature and magnetic measurements.

We count with an specialized team support and infrastructure to move our drilling equipments between holes.

Our own infrastructure goes from Loaded trucks, hydraulic rigs, water trucks to backhoe. So we provide with the best to avoid any kind of spills, fluids, residual, etc. to protect the environment at all cost and times.

Our water trucks, high-pressure hoses and pumps provide with the necessary water to our drill machines having been able to store up to 50,000 liters, allowing us take care of the water by saving it in a very efficiently way.

Always thinking in the market needs, Tecmin offers a great variety of consumable products for the industry, as well as machine parts for all kind of drills, from an electro-mechanic, mechanic to hydraulic.

We maintain an inventory of available parts to repair as soon as possible any of our drills, meaning fewer delays for repairs and ongoing work for our clients.